Private unlimited Asterisk® and Freeswitch™ PBX servers

All the popular software distributions

Multiple data centers & regions to choose from

No firewall/router configuration required

Combine multiple SIP trunk providers

Exclusive VoIP security enhanced infrastructure

Asterisk Hosting server racks


  • Memory512MB
  • Storage space20 GB
  • Processors1+ core
  • Estimated 2-way calls5-20
  • Monthly support15 min.
  • BackupsManual
  • SoftwarePowerPBX


  • Memory1024 MB
  • Storage space30 GB
  • Processors2+ cores
  • Estimated 2-way calls7-30
  • Monthly support30 min.
  • BackupsManual
  • SoftwareAny Asterisk Distro


  • Memory1536 MB
  • Storage space40 GB
  • Processors3+ cores
  • Estimated 2-way calls10-40
  • Monthly support45 min.
  • BackupsManual
  • SoftwareAny Asterisk Distro


  • Memory2048 MB
  • Storage space50 GB
  • Processors4+ cores
  • Estimated 2-way calls15-60
  • Monthly support1, 2, or 3 hrs
  • BackupsAuto
  • SoftwareAny inc. multi-tenant

Selectable Asterisk & Freeswitch Hosting Software

PowerPBXAsterisk NowElastixFusionPBX

Choose from any pre-installed Asterisk® or Freeswitch™ software listed below including our PowerPBX Distro, AsteriskNOW, Freepbx distro, Elastix, and FusionPBX. Your server will operate exactly the same as it would if the distribution is installed on your own hardware.  We ensure your server is secured for use in a hosting environment with our own custom designed infrastructure layer security designed specifically for VoIP traffic. You can also tap into our expertise for advice on many common questions.

We can install other distributions and software packages not listed here. If you do not see an Asterisk or Freeswitch distribution or version of a distribution listed below please let us know and we will try accommodate you.

When ordering a hosted Asterisk or Freeswitch server, select the data center with the lowest average ping time for best VoIP quality.

When choosing a SIP trunk provider, we strongly suggest providers with media direct audio connections to the telecom carriers for lowest latency and best quality. One such provider is

Total call latency without media direct = latency from SIP phone to PBX + PBX to SIP trunk provider+ SIP trunk provider to telecom carrier.
Total call latency with media direct = latency from SIP phone to PBX + PBX to telecom carrier.