Private Unlimited Asterisk® and Freeswitch™ PBX servers

All the popular software distributions

Multiple data centers & regions to choose from

No firewall/router configuration required

Combine multiple SIP trunk providers

Exclusive VoIP security infrastructure

Asterisk Hosting server racks
»Semi-Managed Plans PBX1000Pre-installed CentOS or Debian, Asterisk v13 or v14+, PBX GUI (otherwise known as our PowerPBX distribution), Unlimited hardware and operating system support, 15 min/month PBX administrative support PBX2000Choose any distribution, unlimited hardware and operating system support, 30 min/month PBX administrative support PBX3000Choose any distribution with ability to add advanced features, unlimited hardware and operating system support. 45 min/month PBX administrative support PBX4000-PROFor businesses wanting the best performance and a higher level of support. Unlimited hardware and operating system support, 1 hour/month PBX consultation and support per month including advanced features and PBX administration advice. We also offer 6000-PRO and 8000-PR0 plans for more memory and support
MemoryNOTE:Elastix, Pbx-in-a-Flash, AsteriskNOW etc. require the PBX2000 plan at a minimum.  If you plan to install a lot of modules and extra software you should select a plan with more memory. If you plan to use many extensions and/or trunks, you should select a plan with more memory and bandwidth. If you plan to record a lot of calls, you should select a plan with more storage.
1024 MB 2048 MB 3072 MB 4096 MB
Disk space 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB
# of CPUsDepending on which server you are on and which plan you have, your VPS could be assigned between 1 to 4 CPU cores.  This roughly translates into processing power.  Presenting this in terms of Ghz of processing power is not as useful on a virtual server allocated multple processor cores.  The frequency per core will vary depending on which server you are on.  We thought it would be more useful to present this in terms of # of processor cores.

Compression / decompression (transcoding) requires the most processing power.  For example, transcoding can occur when phone conversations take place between SIP phones and/or trunks using different compression methods.

1+ CPUs 2+ CPUs 3+ CPUs 4+ CPUs
Estimated simultaneous 2-way callsThe number of 2-way simultaneous calls possible will vary depend on how your server is used.

Typically, bandwidth limits imposed by your internet service provider, or intermeidary providers between your ISP and our datacenter, become a bottleneck before you reach our server and network limits. One way to maximize the # of calls possible is to use a high compression codec such as g729.
5-20 calls 7-30 calls 10-40 calls 15-60 calls
Monthly Support Unlimited(hardware & OS)/15 min PBX. Unlimited(hardware & OS)/30 min PBX Unlimited(hardware & OS)/45 min PBX Unlimited(hardware & OS)/1 hour PBX (2 and 3 hr options)
Software PowerPBX DistroPre-installed CentOS v6 or Ubuntu v14. PBX GUI. Asterisk v13 compiled from source for maximum performance, stability, compatibility, and flexibility. Any Asterisk Distro Any Asterisk Distro Any Distro inc. multi-tenant
Price $24.95/mo $34.95/mo $49.95/mo $64.95/mo
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» Virtual Private Server Features
One public IP address Yes Yes Yes Yes""
Control panelThe control panel allows you to start, stop, reboot, backup, re-install etc.  If the network connection on your virtual server stops working for any reason you can still access your control panel and a command line to your virtual server. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email and trouble ticket support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Downloadable server backupThis is a snapshot in a point in time of your entire server. Yes Yes Yes Yes
SupportFor assistance with typical issues we probably have run into before and know how to resolve. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Root access (SSH/SFTP, Console)You have root SSH/SFTP access directly to your server.  You can also access your server via your control panel, even if your server network connection stops working for some reason. Yes Yes Yes Yes
» You Can
Add iptables firewall, allow/block ports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add SIP extensionsA SIP extension can be, for example, a phone or software running on a laptop or a SIP gateway device for connecting to analog phones.  If it describes itself as a SIP device it will probably work. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add SIP trunksJust about any 3rd party SIP trunk provider will work.  A service that specifically supports Asterisk / Freeswitch is recommended as they usually provide detailed configuration instructions. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upgrade your plan at any timeIf you decide you need more support, memory, storage, processing power, or bandwidth you can easily upgrade to another plan. You do not have to do anything else. Usually not even reboot. Your software settings will not change and no information is lost.  The price will be prorated so you can do it at any time without penalty. Downgrades are also possible. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Record callsYou can record incoming and/or outgoing calls.  By default or on demand. Yes Yes Yes Yes
BackupsYou can backup and download a snapshot of your entire server using our control panel or the backup module, included with Asterisk.
If you have our managed plan we do an automatic backup once a week
manual manual manual auto weekly + manual
Install additional softwareYou have root access which allows you to install or remove any software you wish.  If you plan to install many Freepbx modules or additional applications that make heavy use of MySQL and/or Apache it is recommended you order a plan with more memory/cores. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add MySQL databasesIf you plan to add MySQL databases it is recommended you order a plan with more memory. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add Email/FTP accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes
» Other capabilities and features
High AvailabilityRequires the purchase of 2 VPS servers in different data centers.  There can be limitations for failover depending on what features are supported on your extensions and by your SIP trunk provider.  We only support this feature on our own PowerPBX distribution.       Yes
Exclusive infrastructure VoIP securityAll our virtual servers are under our custom VoIP security umbrella. This reduces the need for using complicated iptables and fail2ban rules on your virtual server(s). We have spent years fine tuning and optimizing our custom built security layers and algorithms. We also monitor hacker activity and adjust security measures from time to time. Yes Yes Yes Yes
IPv6Subject to datacenter availability Yes Yes Yes Yes
NAT/Firewall traversalUsing SIP phones or SIP software behind routers and firewalls, in airports, at cafes, at home etc. to connect to our Asterisk servers is generally not a problem. There are usually no special settings required on the other end. This is a huge advantage over office servers. Office servers require special settings on the Asterisk server, the firewall/router, and sometimes on the telephones. Yes Yes Yes Yes
100/1000Mb internet connectionOur physical servers all have 100Mb/s or 1000Mb/s incoming & outgoing internet connections. Yes Yes Yes
Conference callingAsterisk/Freeswitch conference calling is included on all distributions. Yes Yes Yes Yes
TUN/TAP & G729TUN/TAP is a requirement for OpenVPN.  If you want to use G729 compression just let us know so we can provide activation instructions. Yes Yes Yes Yes
» Purchase
Plans PBX1000 PBX2000 PBX3000 PBX4000-PRO
Monthly price $24.95/mo $34.95/mo $49.95/mo $64.95/mo
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