Unlimited Asterisk® and Freeswitch™ cloud servers

All the popular software distributions

Multiple data centers & regions to choose from

No firewall/router configuration required

Combine multiple SIP trunk providers

Exclusive VoIP security infrastructure

Asterisk Hosting server racks

Asterisk & Freeswitch Hosting Services We Provide

Hosting all of the popular Asterisk & Freeswitch distributions.
An Asterisk distribution is pre-installed and configured software combining the Linux operating system, the Asterisk PBX application, and a graphical user interface. Different distributions are sometimes configured differently by default and sometimes bundle other applications. We offer all the popular ones so you can choose the distribution you would like installed on your hosted Asterisk virtual private server.

Custom Control Panel
For a user-friendly and intuitive administration experience. Please refer to the demonstration video provided below.

Dedicated servers that only host Asterisk
VoIP is very sensitive to the sporadic load and I/O which is typical when using a general purpose hosting provider.  These server operating profiles are not a problem for general purpose users but often quite disruptive to VoIP users.  Since we only host Asterisk and Freeswitch users, our servers have relatively constant load and I/O which we optimize for VoIP usage.

Connect to multiple SIP trunk providers simultaneously
Choose one or more trunk providers for redundancy and route/cost optimization.

Easily create a backup of the entire Asterisk server with one click or use the built in backup feature.

High Availability
If you purchase 2 servers in 2 different data centers we can set up a high availability solution for you. Please see failover considerations for important information about the limitations. We do not support this configuration for our 500MB starter plan or for any distribution besides our own PowerPBX distribution.