Unlimited PBX cloud servers

All the popular VoIP software distributions

Multiple data centers & regions to choose from

No firewall/router configuration required

Combine multiple SIP trunk providers

Exclusive VoIP security infrastructure

Asterisk Hosting server racks

Refund Policy

Please read carefully the following PowerPBX payment and refund policy.

All services provided by PowerPBX are pre-paid in advance for either one month or six month periods. PowerPBX Sales will be notified about your payment as soon as the transaction is completed. Hosting services are usually activated within 2 hours but can take up to 2 business days after which time you will get your account information. Full payment is required before we will create an account or add additional services to any account. You will be billed automatically on the day of sign-up and every month or six months thereafter (this is your "billing date") until a cancellation request is received prior (more than 7 days prior for monthly and more than 30 days prior for 6 month) to your billing date. Please note that if payment for our services is not received in full by one day after your billing date the service will be automatically suspended. If you pay your invoice within 9 days the service will be automatically unsuspended. After 10 days of nonpayment beyond your billing date the account will be automatically terminated and all content permanently deleted. For more information about payment policy and method, please contact us at [email protected].

If you no longer wish to continue with our service you are required to cancel recurring payments before (7 days prior to your billing date for monthly, 30 day prior for 6 month) otherwise automated payments will continue to be processed 7 days prior for monthly and 30 days prior for 6 month billing. If you also no longer wish to receive invoices and reminders you are required to submit a cancellation request through the client area of our website.

PowerPBX has developed and strictly adheres to the following refund policy for hosting services. We appreciate the fact that you have chosen us as your hosting provider and value you as our customer. 6 month plans will be refunded based on the most logical combination of smaller time frame plans up to and including the current month of service. Monthly plans and any applicable set up fees will not be refunded. This is necessary to discourage abuse of our service.

Example: If you purchased a 6 month plan and wish to cancel after 4.5 months you will be charged for (5 x monthly plan) + (first month one time setup fee if applicable). PowerPBX reserves the right to modify the present refund policy at any time without any prior notice to you. It is your responsibility to check the website for any changes and modifications to the present refund policy.