Private Unlimited Asterisk® and Freeswitch™ PBX servers

All the popular software distributions

Multiple data centers & regions to choose from

No firewall/router configuration required

Combine multiple SIP trunk providers

Exclusive VoIP security infrastructure

Asterisk Hosting server racks

What we do not offer

Problems with calls not working due to routers/firewalls
You will generally not have any problems with VoIP calls not working behind routers and firewalls with our system.

Hardware connections to the telephone network
Connections to the telephone network (so you can get a telephone number and make/receive calls to regular phones) are done using 3rd party SIP trunk providers. There are hundreds of these providers around the world. As long as they are compatible with Asterisk/Freeswitch they will work on our system.

Install/configure additional software.
We can provide advice and recommendations on what if any additional software may be of some benefit. Since we provide full root access, you can install and configure any additional software you want.

Troubleshooting problems specific to certain distributions.
Although we do everything we can to try assist in any and all distribution specfic issues, quite often the problems can only be addressed by the developers of the distribution. In those cases please refer to their respective websites for support.

Authoritative DNS for your domain
A domain is not required to use an Asterisk PBX. The options are as follows:

1) You can simply point phones/browsers to the public IP we assign to your server. 
2) You can use a free service like 
3) You can point an existing domain to the IP we assign to your server.
4) You can register a new domain with any 3rd party domain provider. 
5) You can add a hostname to an existing domain and point it to the IP we assign to your server.  For example, create a new host called "pbx" in the 'A record' of your DNS settings for your domain, point that host to the IP we assign to your VPS and access it by using ""